The Guitar Collection
The Guitar Collection
Tony Bacon
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The Guitar Collection

The Guitar Collection

The Guitar Collection features the world’s most influential and iconic guitarists and their legendary instruments that made music history. This book provides an extensive overview of the best guitar models and styles worldwide – from early 18th century guitars to the renowned hollowbody instruments of the Jazz Era to the famous Rock models played by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Angus Young, Slash and many more. Divided into four chapters, each with an introduction, guitar expert Tony Bacon outlines the history, design and sound of the most important guitars in an entertaining and informative fashion, highlighting the most crucial albums along the way. This is both an indispensable reference work and a contemporary art book for all guitar lovers.

The book comes with a collectible vinyl featuring some of the world’s best musicians such as Brian May (Queen), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) and others performing an exciting and very rare version of one of the most iconic songs and riffs in rock history – “Smoke on the Water” never sounded so good and is now available for the very first time on an exclusive 10-inch vinyl. It also includes a MP3 download code for your digital device.


“Bacon hits one out of the park with, The Guitar Collection, a visual, textual and aural cornucopia of guitar information that helps broaden and deepen our understanding and appreciation for the most important musical instrument of our time. Five Stars!”  guitar international

“Lavish coffee-table tome by the doyen of guitar histories. Includes a 10-inch all-star blitz of Smoke On The Water. Brimming with vivid ‘guitar porn’ images of iconic axe evolution The Guitar Collection treads a well-worn path, but such is the authority of Tony Bacon’s descriptive text interleaved with potted portraits of key instrumentalists associated with each particular model, that it feels definitive.” MOJO

“The history is quite in-depth and provides a reason to care about the guitar for more than just what makes it sound pretty. The photography is gorgeous, and any reader can get plenty of enjoyment out of the pictures alone. As a bonus, The Guitar Collection includes a 10-inch vinyl featuring some of the best rock musicians in the world performing “Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple. The Guitar Collection is a worthy addition to any guitar lover’s collection. The vinyl just makes it better.”  rebeatmag

"This book is a sure win for musicians, music lovers, and bibliophiles everywhere. Enjoy!" national rock review

192 pages, 200 photos, 1 cd
€ 49.95 (D) | ISBN-13: 9783943573114
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