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Peter Bölke
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Black & White

The Jazz Piano

The piano plays an important role in the history of jazz. As a part of the usual rhythm section, but also as an independent solo instrument it has moved great artists into the spotlight.

The earBOOK "Black & White – The Jazz Piano" shows the development of jazz piano styles: from Scott Joplin's ragtime compositions to Jelly Roll Morton's jazz feeling, from swing pianists Teddy Wilson or Hank Jones to blues and boogie pianists such as Meade Lux Lewis and Jimmy Yancey and to imaginative and innovative artists like Oscar Peterson, Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell, Count Basie and Duke Ellington. "Black & White" is a tribute to outstanding musicians who created a unique and distinctive style on the 88 keys.

Music CDs: The most important jazz pianists of the different jazz styles are featured on 4 music CDs with their most popular tunes.

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156 pages, 144 photos, 4 cds
€ 39.95 (D) | ISBN-13: 9783940004963