Porsche Sounds (Special Edition)
Porsche Sounds (Special Edition)
Dieter Landenberger
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Porsche Sounds (Special Edition)

Porsche Sounds (Special Edition)

Porsche, the legend. From the 356 Roadster to the striking 550 A Spyder, from the much sought-after 911 Carrera RS to the 911 Targa up to the latest 919 Hybrid. With stunning photos and inspiring text this lavishly illustrated tome provides an insight into the fascinating history of premium motor engineering and outstanding design. In addition, the book casts a glance at Porsche´s legendary triumphs in motor sport.

Emotion doesn’t come short: Audiophile automotive enthusiasts will find a CD with the original engine sounds of the most interesting Porsche vehicles. As sexy as a 911 – book, audio-visual library and design piece all in one.



"The coffee-table hardback showcases the milestones and the most breathtaking moments in Porsche’s history." Porsche Club of America

"Porsche Sounds should be part of your collection. If not for the book itself, which is worth the price alone, then for the CD that accompanies the book complete with an audio library featuring the exhaust note of 30 of Porsche's most storied models.” lat Sixes

"Going through the history of Porsche [the book] follows the several designs and models displaying images and texts with sound recordings which is a real added bonus and certainly enriches your Porsche reading experience. A perfect gift for any Porsche fan." Car Art Spot

"Porsche Sounds is an exciting new development in motor publishing as it incorporates an audiovisual library of engines of various Porsche models to accompany an informative text and many hitherto unpublished photographs." royalautomobileclub

"Porsche Sounds is a worthy addition to one’s library on the marque, and the CD of engine sounds will certainly encourage some great discussions over a cup of coffee." virtualmotorpix

"A great value package for Porsche fans." Classic Car Weekly

"Packed with original engine sounds as sweet as a vintage V8, it’s a one way ticket to highly-tuned audio heaven." Stuff magazine online

"This one deserves a place on your coffee table, or perhaps a place on your desktop." GT Magazin

"From the waking groans of a key in the ignition, to the grunt of exhaust as the metal beast pushes its limits, the sounds of an automobile in motion are like music to petrolheads' ears. German car manufacturer Porsche, adds to the symphony, with its new book, "Porsche Sounds."

250 pages, 300 photos, 1 cd
€ 49.95 (D) | ISBN-13: 9783943573190
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