Push Start
Push Start
Prof. Dr. Günzel
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Push Start

Push Start

The Art of Video Games

Pac Man, Space Invaders, Tetris, Super Mario Bros. are video games veterans and more than just reminiscences of an untroubled childhood. Challenging stories and characters, visual quality and aesthetic experience make them successful examples of popular interaction design. They so become more than a mere video game and can be regarded as a multimedia art form.

“Push Start” outlines the graphical evolution from its beginnings, through the golden age of arcade video games, to the latest generation of game consoles. Fascinating artwork and screenshot prints of the most famous video games and the corresponding cult sounds on a 10-inch vinyl create an expanding universe of game culture in which the worlds of emotion, reality and art collide.


”Push Start is a high production look back at the art of gaming. This is a gift of awe or a way to make visitors shush with envy.” geeknative

”The book takes us on a pixelated  journey and reminding us of an exciting time in pop culture as the computer age began to give us fun and life long memories […]  a must have book for gamers of any age.” blurrpy

”Push Start immediately screams quality. From its embossed pixellated front cover to its vinyl record-concealing back, each vividly colourful page recounts a classic title from days gone by. The back cover hides an amazing bonus, too - a 12 inch vinyl record filled with remixes of iconic themes and tunes from some of gaming history's most important and influential titles.” retrocollect

”As innovative ways to display 60 years of gaming history go, this book is one of the best we’ve ever seen and we highly recommend it.” gamesTM

”Push Start is a book that all gamers should own […] and a piece of art in its own right. This book is a monolith in both size and weight and it is something to be worshipped if you love video games from all generations.” retrovideogamer

”Push Start is a visual feast with a great dollop of nostalgia sauce on top. If you are into videogames, you should buy this book. If you know someone who is—or was—into video games, it is the perfect Christmas gift.” designersreviewofbooks


380 pages, 200 photos, 1 cd
€ 49.95 (D) | ISBN-13: 9783943573091
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